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Interview with Lindsey Barkel, Girl meets Carpenter

Interview with Lindsey Barkel, Girl meets Carpenter

The question, “Is Interior Design Vain?” is something I still wrestle with. As an interior designer, I’m often encouraging people to spend money on their houses. But personally having an organized, functional, and beautiful space helps bring me clarity. My home is my sanctuary, and a place to rest. I want to feel God’s presence here. If it is a sloppy place, my soul can’t rest and enjoy. I know others feel this too sometimes but need help to order.

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Holy Yoga

Holy Yoga

Life in Drive with yoga instructor, Becca Bishop    @Becca…What does it mean to live healthy? And how does yoga fit this? “I sometimes wonder what the difference is between HEALTHY and WHOLE? I have found when a person’s identity is rooted in Christ,... read more

  Life in Drive with Shanda Sprick    @Shanda… What is your goal in being a mom? “Everyday I need to help them be who they are. That’s what makes parenting so challenging. It’s challenging even thinking what 5 little people need nutritionally... read more
Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!

    Happy Spring!!! Just want to inform you that Mannes Body Shop now offers a full on detail service… Check out the new menu below! Be sure to like Mannes Body Shop facebook page… and you could win this all for free!!!   FULL DETAIL... read more

“Much appreciated. Amazing Work. Kind People”

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Dan Taylor Sr.
Dan Taylor Sr.

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

Best place in the Holland/Zeeland Michigan area to get high quality exceptional body work. I highly recommend this business.

Daniel L. Taylor Sr.
Zeeland, MI

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